Adopt Me Winter Holiday Update 2020 – Pets & Details

Here's everything we know about the new Winter Holiday event in Adopt Me!

The Adopt Me Winter Holiday update is finally live in the game. Hopefully you've saved up some Robux, because there is a brand new limited-time pet that you're not going to want to miss. There are six new festive pets, four new minigames, lots of gingerbread to earn, and melted snowmen that need your help! We'll have all of this content detailed on this page below.

Release Date Information

The Adopt Me Winter Holiday update was released on December 15th, and went live at 8 AM PT. Check out the video below to see everything that is available during this festive addition of the game.

What is the Winter Sale?

The Adopt Me Winter Sale began today on December 22nd. The sale hosts up to 60% off on a bunch of pets, vehicles, accessories, houses, and more!

When Does the Winter Holiday Update End?

There is no confirmed end date for the Winter Holiday Update at this time. However, last year's 2019 Winter Holiday event ended around January 11, so we're expecting a similar time frame for this year's event.


Gingerbread is the new festive currency that you will want to immediately starting saving up. All the new festive pets and accessories cost hefty amounts of Gingerbread. Luckily there are easy ways to collect Gingerbread on Adoption Island, and plenty of minigames to complete that will earn you gingerbread fast.

Check out our guide on How to get Gingerbread in Adopt Me, so that you can purchase as many new festive pets, accessories, and toys as possible during the Winter Holiday event!

Legendary Pets

Frost Fury

The Frost Fury is the only pet on this list that you cannot buy with Gingerbread. Instead, the Frost Fury costs 800 Robux. Act fast, as the Frost Fury is only available until January 19th!


Snow Owl

The most expensive pet on this list, the Snow Owl will cost you 10,000 Gingerbread. Better start saving!

Winter Holiday Pets


This fuzzy, abominable Yeti costs 6,000 Gingerbread to unlock.


The lovable little Lynx will cost you 4,000 Gingerbread to call your own.

Musk Ox

The adorably fierce Musk Ox is reasonably priced at 3,500 Gingerbread.


Coming in at the cheapest pet for the Winter Holiday event, the Snowman costs 2,000 Gingerbread.

Pet Accessories

Inside of the Ice Castle you can also purchase Pet Accessories and Pet Toys at a much cheaper cost than the new festive pets. You will see these six items first when you enter the Ice Castle.

Here's a look at every pet accessory and toy, along with the Gingerbread cost for each.

  • Holiday Breakfast Chew Toy - 400 Gingerbread
  • Candy Cane Chew Toy - 240 Gingerbread
  • Peppermint Disc - 120 Gingerbread
  • Ice Wings - 2,000 Gingerbread
  • Ice Earrings - 1,200 Gingerbread
  • Ice Crown - 1,200 Gingerbread

New Minigames

There are four new Winter Holiday minigames that you will find scattered throughout Adoption Island. Completing these minigames will net you thousands of Gingerbread, which will give you enough to buy one or two new festive pets. These minigames are: Speedy the Penguin, Build the Snowball Launcher, Build the Snowmen, and Feed the Frost Fury. Speedy the Penguin involves a timed race around the Ice Rink and is pretty tough due to the penguins that can knock you down. Build the Snowball Launcher requires you to find three Snowball Launcher parts, which are found in boxes of presents throughout Adoption Island.

As you run around, you should see melted Snowmen all around. Make sure to help them out by rebuilding them! At random, a popup will cover your screen that will invite you to feed the Frost Fury. Accepting the invite will teleport you to a new location where you must melt as much ice as possible within a certain time limit.


If you're having trouble completing the minigames, visit Winterkin because he is happy to help! Winterkin is located outside in front of the Ice Castle. Go say hello!

Minigame Reset Times:

  • Speedy the Penguin: Alternating in-game days.
  • Feed the Frost Fury: Alternating in-game days
  • Build the Snowmen: You can complete this once per real-life day.
  • Build the Snow Launcher: This quest can only be completed once.


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  1. I missed the winter holiday update in Adopt Me, because I was so addicted in other Roblox Games
    so I didn’t get all winter pets 🙁

  2. speedy the penguin does not alternate you can only do it Once to get gingerbread you can however continue to raise him but you won’t get gingerbread

  3. When are the gingerbread pets going to leave the game?

    1. I believe January 19th.

  4. I got the snow owl with my ginger bread and it has not showed up in my backpack but my money is still gone.

  5. want frost fury

  6. Hi guys I really don’t want to furry frost to leave and what does availble mean

    1. Frost Fury leaves on January 19th unfortunately.

  7. Please may you let me know when this update is ending as i have a lot of gingerbreads and i would not like them to go to wast so please let me know so i can spend them up

    1. We don’t know the confirmed end for this event, as it has not been announced. However, we’re expecting it will run until the 2nd week of January.

  8. What is the easiest and quickest way in getting gingerbread?

  9. For the snowmen, it’s every day, but you have to wait around 20 hours, which is hard. They are at the starting bridge, the centre, behind the hospital and near the campsite. There are five snowmen in total and they will give you 300 gingerbread every time you complete it. Snowball Launcher gift parts can only be done once. The gifts are spread out. I recommend using a propellor or fly pet to find them. The gingerbread skating is reset every fifteen minutes if you join, skate, and leave for fifteen minutes. I am not sure about in game time. Skating races can be done any time. No waiting! The skating is all done near spawn or centre, where a golden penguin named Speedy is waiting! You May want to race to help you stay on course with the gingerbread. Feeding the frost fury is more complicated. I have not set a time for this since I have only been able to do this once every time a join. Frost Fury feeding mini game will send you a notification. If you click the green button, it will teleport you to the place next to where the frost fury used to guard and gives you a torch. Please note that your pets will not be with you. You will need to swing your torch next to the icicles that fall down to melt it and a penguin soldier will appear to collect it. When the time is up, you get a gingerbread reward for how many points you have and everyone gets teleported to the frost fury, with the combined and your separate results. The obstacles include; rolling boulders that will knock you over, ice geysers that will freeze you for a certain period of time (watch out for the icy air coming out of them!) and a slippery surface will holes you may drop into. The slippery part won’t let you jump! Time your turns so you won’t fall into the holes! The holes will make you fall down and stop you.

    The pets are stated in this article and their prices.

    The update leaves on January the 19th!

  10. Can I know when the update leaves if anyone knows

    1. Some folks are saying January 19th, but I haven’t seen anything confirmed.

  11. I love the new update i just want to ask how long is the update going to be here for like when does it leave?

    1. It leaves January 19th.

      1. Can you link me to that information?

    2. I believe the update will leave in January.

      1. Yeah it leaves in January 19th

        1. Can you link me to this information?

  12. I’m trading for a snow owl my offer is a Kitsune, A neon fennec fox, and a musk ox. Tell em you username if interested. My user is Phienxgirl.

    1. definetly instrested! my username is Que3nintern3t, i can promise you a snow owl by christmas! if your busy chat me on roblox, to scheduele a new date!

  13. I find that you have to play a certain amount of total time in the Winter Update (2020) to be able to reset the Snowman mini-game. Similar to needing to play a certain amount of time to collect Star Rewards. :/ This is very frustrating, but all I can do is note this.

    1. for the star rewards, they most likely want to make sure you aren’t a bot farming rewards. the snowman reset thing isn’t true for me though, i just build the snowmen once a day.

    1. how to enter code

      1. Its not open yet.